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Reusable food pouches offer you the flexibility to create them, assuming your child’s palette (and opinion) is equally flexible. As many moms discover, blending can be a really fun and creative family affair! Although prepping a smoothie in our household feels more like a top secret mission. Ideally I would prep the recipe and pour it into a pouch before my little detectives had a chance to inspect it (in order to sneak in the maximum nutrients), but it’s not that simple…

Our two curious toddlers are like continuously chatting shadows under our feet. They question each ingredient being prepped and in what ratios we intend to blend them. They insist on counting the blueberries and chopping up the banana. They don’t interrogate the fruits as often as they do the vegetables and it can be tricky to sneak in anything GREEN. Occasionally I convince them that dinosaurs ONLY drink green smoothies and their fascination with all things prehistoric persuades them to take the bait. But all too often they spot kale on the counter and insist on “No green juice today, please make it pink!” (sigh)

The moms and makers at NurturMe offer a sweet solution. If you haven’t heard, their food packets are the first and only certified organic dried fruits and veggies available in this format. They use a freeze and drum drying method which produces a higher preservation of nutrients and outputs a fresher flavor. These packets contain the food as dried powder which you mix with liquid when ready to eat.They include: Plump Peas, Scrumptious Squash, Hearty Sweet Potatoes, Crisp Apples and Sweet Bananas.

Mission accomplished! These inconspicuous veggies are undercover and oh-so-easy to incorporate. Even our kids help sprinkle in this “secret ingredient” without suspicion. Better yet, NurturMe also offers a reusable food pouch to swiftly pack your sneaky snack on-the-go which is fully compatible with our Sip’n soft top.

We’re very proud to add their Eco Pouch to our compatible reusable pouch list.

Browse through their creative recipes for more inspiration: nurturme.com/recipes

Bon appetit!
Julie Hammi
cmo / chief mommy officer

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