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That’s a wrap for ABC’s annual Baby and Kids Expo! Our ChooMee Team has just returned and settled from the elaborate show in Las Vegas which we proudly exhibit our Sip’n pouch top. We love presenting to retailers with our mission to soften every sip. We also treasure our time chatting with pouch partners and other creative brands working tirelessly to get their clever products to market.

It’s such an inspirational week and best of all we can scope out best-sellers and new soon-to-launch products for 2015! We’re eager to share some of our favorites!….

Aloka Night Lights – This is a MUST for little ones! It instantly warms their dark bedroom with a magic glow. It uses an ultra-light plexiglass shape which they offer in a variety of different characters and themes (we came home with Kitty Cats and a huge Rocket Ship). BEST PART – the LED lights are hidden within the base, they don’t get hot, AND kids can change the color and settings with a mini-remote control! The image literally appears to be floating in the air. Too cool! Elegant, clean, simple design with a BIG impact.

Alligator Puppet – This soft and scaly creature was large and in charge at the Folkmanis exhibit! Their puppet production began decades ago (in 1976) and their years of animal experience is clearly evident in every detail. What I love most about this gorgeous reptile, as I do with all of their critters, is how they achieve creepy realistic features in a cozy lovable way. Measuring 31″ in length, this American Alligator makes it the perfect body pillow for kids who love to cuddle!

Tiny Treasures Purse – This brand new mini-purse concept is bold, unique and SO adorable… check out the link to see all the colorful characters which are designed to store all the random Tiny Treasures girls love to collect throughout the day. The lightweight case uses a sturdy shell covered in soft water-resistant material and uses a zip-closure. Each character has 3D features, with hair and dangling legs. They include a long strap that can hang across the body. Perfect for ages 3-6.

Sugarbooger Teethers – Yes, there were tons of amazing gadgets at the show that wowed us, but less is often so much more when it comes to babies! The simplicity of the Sugarbooger silicone teethers made them a refreshing find. We love discovering new chewy solutions and these were at the top of our list. They were silky smooth in calming yet bright colors and use the perfect degree of chewiness. The center hole makes them easy to grip and the characters are unique and sweet with texture. Fun for baby!

MTK Shoe Collection – With the holidays approaching, many moms are searching for one special pair of shoes that are dressy yet versatile enough to get them through the entire season. We have two toddlers with sprouting feet so we’re shoe shopping on a monthly basis. Nothing I’ve seen in traditional retail stores compares to the quality and detail of this MTK Collection. The designs are thoughtful and meticulous, using 100% leather and natural rubber soles. Photos on a computer simply don’t do this product line justice!

Wildpack Carry Bags – The CUTEST variety of travel bags featured at the show! Available in many characters in various shapes: lunchbag, backpack, suitcase, trolley case (if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Tiger Suitcase, shown here). A fun way to store toys and obviously these are great for travel. Super light-weight, the 3D shape gives the bag it’s creative curve and dimension. Each bag illustrates the front and back view of the animal from the opposite side. Uses a soft water-resistant material and a zip-closure.

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