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Snackn Story Giveaway!

Welcome to the launch of our Snackn Story Giveaway!

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The Spoon Starts Here

At ChooMee we proudly stand by our premise that feeding should be fun! The transition to solids is a major milestone for baby and their...

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WEEKEND NEWS: July Promos!

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Choo Daddy Diaries

We’re finally beginning to hear from more dads on their pouch perspectives and how they perceive our Sipn soft tops when it’s...

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Tag + Win Summer Giveaway!

***** This contest is complete! Facebook winner Krissy Young Cornette and Instagram winner alud1020:...

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10 Reasons to Love our Sipn!

Our Sip’n pouch topper has many critical benefits that bring an end to pouch feeding fears! For those who aren’t familiar with ChooMee’s revolutionary...

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