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Our Sip’n pouch topper has many critical benefits that bring an end to pouch feeding fears! For those who aren’t familiar with ChooMee’s revolutionary feeding valve, we hope this Sip’n summary will help you better understand what ALL the fuss is about (happy fuss, not sad crying fuss!)….

TEN Reasons to LOVE our ChooMee Sip’n


LOVE IT #1 – Fits all pouch sizes

Our Sip’n pouch topper has a universal fit. What does this mean?

All food pouches have a plastic straw-like spout that dispenses the food from the pouch. Our Sip’n pouch topper attaches to and covers this plastic spout. The spout is made in various sizes depending on which brand of pouch you use. Some spouts are very small and other spouts are very large.

Not a problem for ChooMee! Our unique patented design fits all sizes. Our pouch topper is 100% silicone and can stretch over any spout to create an air-tight seal in order to maximize the flow rate of food.

*PARENT TIP – When attaching our pouch top, don’t be afraid to use some muscle and FULLY attach it to your pouch. We recommend that you twist it like a cap as you push downward onto the spout and it will easily glide and lock into place for a secure fit. The interior of the valve should lock into the base of the spout like a puzzle piece. We emphasize these instructions because if your pouch top is not fully attached it could hinder the flow rate of food and will eventually slip off.

LOVE IT #2 – Ends pouch explosions

As many parents know, pouches can be dangerous! Without a pouch top attached, baby can squeeze food up to 5 FEET across a room! As you can imagine this results in a mushy mess that equates to stains, clean up, and a crying child (or more likely, a crying parent!). Luckily our Sip’n pouch topper has a critical flow control valve built into the mouthpiece that prevents the mess and keeps food within the pouch where it belongs until there’s pressure from sipping. Baby can drop or even throw their pouch without a massive spill.

LOVE IT #3 – Food makes it to their mouth

There’s great comfort in knowing that your child is getting the full nutrients and calories intended from each meal. By controlling pouch flow and preventing spills, the Sip’n not only minimizes pouch waste but also maximizes baby’s food intake. Every healthy sip counts and our Sip’n pouch topper ensures that more food makes it to their little mouth and tummy.

LOVE IT #4 – Money is saved

Pouches aren’t cheap and when food ends up on the floor (couch, ceiling, stroller, or car!), money is wasted. That correlation is fairly obvious, but we also hear from parents that their children are much more inclined to FINISH the food in their pouch when our Sip’n pouch topper is being used. By dramatically improving the feeding experience and preventing the waste of food, our Sip’n pouch topper saves you money.

LOVE IT #5 – Teethers can happily chew

Infants are curious and teething and naturally love to taste and chew the new world around them. Our Sip’n pouch topper features a silky-smooth chewy mouthpiece designed to fully cover the rigid plastic spout preventing baby from hurting or cutting their tender gums. Finally, baby can happily chew while pouch feeding!

LOVE IT #6 – Baby is proud to independently eat

What’s truly revolutionary about our Sip’n pouch topper is that for the fist time in the history of the universe, baby is able to independently feed themselves food (not milk) without the help of an adult. It’s literally amazing to see babies as young a 4 and 5 months holding a pouch and proudly enjoying their own meal. They glow with pride and you can see the excitement in their little face!

*PLEASE NOTE: By no means would we ever suggest that parents replace spoon feeding with pouch feeding on a regular basis. We obviously understand the importance of valuable bonding time while feeding your child and developing their motor skills during this practice.  There’s a time and a place for using food pouches and it’s not our intention to dictate how and when parents feed their children a snack or smoothie. We’d like to focus our energy on how to best parent our own children and simply provide positive support for other parents to choose whatever works best for them.

LOVE IT #7 – Cap is attached

Life is all about the small things! Our Sip’n pouch topper has the cap attached which means your mouthpiece will remain covered and clean while carrying your pouch on-the-go. One less thing to manage for your play dates at the park!

LOVE IT #8 – Allows for chunky purees

Our Sip’n pouch topper has a wider mouthpiece than any other pouch top on the market. This may not mean much for apple sauce, however it means everything when snacking on thicker purees. Many parents enjoy making food at home with reusable pouches that you can fill, wash, and reuse multiple times. As baby progresses to Stages 2 and 3, foods become thicker and more complex in texture. No prob for ChooMee! Our wide valve will not trap or clog food within the mouthpiece.

LOVE IT #9 – Easy to clean

The smooth silicone finish of our Sip’n pouch topper makes it a cinch to clean after each use! Simply rinse it with hot soapy water to wash off purees. Our pouch top is also transparent so that you can SEE within the valve. If food has dried within the mouthpiece, simply soak the pouch top in hot soapy water for 20 minutes before you rinse. This is another benefit of our wide mouthpiece as it prevents food from getting jammed within the valve. Silicone is also dishwasher (and boiling temperature) safe if you prefer a more thorough cleaning method.

LOVE IT #10 – Easy to carry

There’s a variety of convenient ways to transport your Sip’n pouch toppers! 1) You can attach the mouthpiece directly to your pouch if you anticipate eating soon. Remember, once you officially open a food pouch you must eat it within their recommended time frame before the food spoils. 2) If you’re not sure the pouch will be consumed and you prefer to keep it sealed closed, you can simply wrap the loop/strap around the neck of your pouch to easily pair them together on-the-go. 3) You can use our ChooMee Travel Pac (Pouch Accessory Case) to carry up to 4 pouch tops in your purse or diaper bag.

All of this sums up to one basic principle, happiness. When baby is peaceful and happy, mama is peaceful and happy. By restoring the peace and happiness to pouch feeding we believe that you’ll LOVE our ChooMee Sip’n as much as we do!


Feel free to contact our Sip’n Support at any time for further details or questions, email sipn@choomee.com. You can order online here or find your nearest store location here!
“The transition to solids should be a positive milestone, not a painful one.” -xo,ChooMee


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