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Our ChooMee Sipn soft tops were carefully designed to provide a secure fit with all standard food pouches. However the performance of your soft top depends on how you attach it. Here we provide more detail behind our unique interior gripping system and how to ensure your locking on to maximize your sip!

1 – Lets begin by looking INTO the Sipn (from the bottom of the valve). You will see two grips, one on each side (noted on the photo below).

2 – Next, look at your pouch. It has a plastic spout that dispenses food. The base of the spout has tiers as noted in this photo. Pouches may have 1 or 2 tiers and both will work. But the only tier that matters when attaching your Sipn is the TOP (first) tier.


You simply need to ensure that your Sipn grips are pushed BELOW the FIRST TIER of your spout. They fit together like a puzzle. This allows your Sipn to fully lock onto your pouch and provide a strong secure fit. Do not push too far beyond the second or third tier.

WHY does this matter? If it does not lock into place then it may slide off while baby is eating. This will create the exact mess you were intentionally trying to avoid. Also, when properly attached it creates an air-tight seal, which allows food to easily pass through when sipping. If not fully attached, air could interfere with the passage way requiring excessive pressure to sip (similar to having a hole in your straw).

Alternatively, you do not want to push TOO FAR onto your pouch. Do not grip below tier 2 if you have this extra tier because the top of the mouthpiece will be hindered by the spout. It’s best to allow space to remain at the top of your mouthpiece for ideal soft sipping!

Fully Attaching Your ChooMee Sipn


VERY IMPORTANT: It is easiest to attach your Sipn by twisting it while pushing downward, like you’re attaching a twist-cap. This requires much less force and muscle when attaching. Pouches come in different sizes and their spout may be small or large. But our Sipn is entirely made of soft silicone therefore it can stretch and slide over various spout sizes. However pushing straight downward (without twisting) can feel very difficult particularly on larger wide-diameter spouts.

Congratulations! You’re now a Sipn gripn¬†expert! Stay tuned for more ChooMee tips and tutorials.

xx, Julie

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