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Receiving a call from Rachel this month instantly shifted our personal and professional perspectives. We certainly believe that our ChooMee mission to soften every sip is a vital one. Our work prevents pain and frustration for young children and that motivates us to do our very best every day. However, we’re slowly discovering how our ChooMee impact is even broader than that.

Rachel reached out and called our toll free number to simply say, thank you. Luckily I was in the office that day and had the opportunity to meet her over the phone. Her strong vibrant energy was pure and uplifting despite any adversity and I’m honored that our paths have crossed.

She shares her journey in the hope to help others who face similar challenges. It’s our turn to sincerely thank her for providing us the inspiration to persist on this uphill journey and work harder to weather the inevitable storms (which aren’t really storms after all).  -Julie Hammi, co-founder


I am Rachel. I am 20 years old and I have Hypersensitivity Disorder, several Processing Disorders, along with a few other chronic illnesses. Nutrition and diet are VERY important. I was diagnosed at 5 years old but we suspect I’ve always had them because I was a fussy food child since I was born.

I LOVE CHOOMEE. They make eating my favorite food ANYTHING in squezzie pouches better. I don’t like the feeling of most food in my mouth BUT I love fruits and veggies. The feeling in my mouth makes me sick and sometimes I throw up. Pouches are the best on-the-go and in-home food for me. There are so many flavors. The only issue I have is the hard plastic spout. It makes it hard for me to eat with it properly. Either I pour it in my mouth and be messy or suck it all up SUPER fast and running the risk of throwing it all up.

ChooMee has a soft, easy, smooth, squishy feeling to it and I love the feeling on my lips and mouth. The valve also makes it easy not to gulp so I don’t get sick or have hiccups, and putting the pouch down or dropping it nothing falls out. I keep one in my purse and one in the fridge. I just bought 2 more so I always have one ready.

This product was an accident to me! I got it with a Squooshi feeding kit on sale and FELL IN LOVE. When I found out there was a Travel PAC I had to have that too! I can’t even imagine life with out them now! There is ALSO now adult food with protein shakes and oatmeal breakfast in pouches, my options are endless!

Feel free to contact our ChooMee Support if you have additional questions regarding her Hypersensitivity or Processing Disorders at sipn@choomee.com. She will receive all inquiries and we will post Rachel’s answers/updates on this page!

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