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We Proudly Present

The first and only pouch top with flow control and cap. Our Sip'n soft top provides multiple features and critical benefits for both baby and parent.

Protect Their Mouth

Smooth chewy mouthpiece covers the rigid plastic pouch spout

Prevent Spills

A critical flow control valve keeps food within the pouch

Maximize Nutrition

By minimizing the mess, more food makes it to their mouth

Promote Independence

Allows all ages to hold the pouch and eat on their own

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The Spoon Starts Here

At ChooMee we proudly stand by our premise that feeding should be fun! The transition to solids is a major milestone for baby and their...

Chewy Babble

Holy COW this is such a soft sip!

Shouldn't lavender letters taste sweet?! I'm no chef but this is too styrofoamy.
uuuuuh, hey folks, I think you forgot me. Could you toss me something to chew?!
I only chew animals that squeak. All things taste better with sound!
Holy COW this is such a soft sip!