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Mama Chef, Alyssa, walks us through her veggie-packed beet puree! Five ingredients and under ten steps, for ages 7+ Months:

Specially blended seeds designed for healthy brain and body development in children 6 months – 101 years-old. By simply adding 1 Tbsp to your child’s meal, you are giving them nutritious building blocks, essential for a healthy body and brilliant mind!

1 beet
2 zucchinis
2 carrots
Handful of mushrooms
Coconut oil

1. Wash beet, wrap in foil for baking
2. Bake beet at 375 degrees F for 50 minutes or until you can pierce with a knife
3. Set aside
4. Wash, peel and chop your carrots and zucchini
5. Steam them until tender
6. Set aside
7. Wash and chop your mushrooms
8. Stir fry mushrooms on medium setting
9. Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend just enough to get your desired consistency.

Mama Chef + Photos: Kid Food Ideas

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