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The Young family expressed little interest in pouches when our paths crossed at a popular neighborhood park. But we persuaded Mommy Jessica to reconsider with the help of our Sip’n soft top. The rest is ChooMee history…

The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Seen… or Smelled
by Mommy Jessica

The stench of curdled yogurt, the sight of smeared chocolate on the ceiling and ground goldfish on the floor, the feel of an unidentified super-glue-stickiness. The backseat of my friends SUV was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen or smelled.

“Sorry for the mess,” she says, and then asks, “Do you let your kids eat in your car?”

Are you crazy? Never. Not if they were in the backseat gnawing on each other, would I throw them a granola bar. “Sure,” I lied.

Until a recent trip to San Francisco, I’ve always just found the nearest Starbucks to give my kids sustenance in a pinch. However, this particular day nothing was going right. I dropped my brother-in-law off at SFO later than planned, my car ran out of gas, and my newly potty trained son made me aware of his bathroom needs, after we left the gas station. The kids were tired, it was late, and we still had an hour and a half drive home.

Thank goodness I had thrown a few pouches and Sip’n soft tops in my glove box. I hadn’t actually allowed my kids to use them in the car before, but I was hoping all those mommy testimonials about how kids couldn’t make a mess were true. I gave them each a pouch, put the car in drive and waited to hear the dreaded, “UT OH” from my kids; informing me that the oats and blueberry mash were staining my backseats.

That, “UT OH” never came. What a relief! To arrive home after a long day and not spend an hour scrubbing the carseat and backseat upholstery. In one road trip I became the biggest fan of the Sip’n soft top.

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