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Ashley of Winter’s Lane Photography share’s her stunning puree perspective (YUM)!…

We need a “Tim”, could we find that at our local store? JK ;)

So, I love pouches for so many reasons… on the go, self feeding, quick and clean! We use them a lot for lunch or when we are out. Since we go through so many, we decided to try making our own to freeze. I love ChooMee’s Sipn pouch toppers and they just came out with these ADORABLE Snackn pouches! 💕

Prep was lots of steaming. Tim had already cleaned and cut the produce after our farmers market haul. Having produce ready to go in fridge is how we manage this! It is there for us to grab to grill, sauté or bake too. Tim does all the cleaning, peeling and chopping on grocery/market days so that saves a lot of time during the week and at cooking times. 🙌🏻

Combos include:

  • Blueberry, kale, peach
  • Apple, beet, zucchini
  • Ginger, carrot, apple, kale
  • Ginger, carrot, apple, kale, peach

Leftover steamed carrots, zucchini and green beans were cut into finger foods and frozen in Mumi and Bubi trays for easy one ounce portions. Other leftovers were put in freezer bags as combos for future pouch purees. Also made his dinner plate with the extra!

Winters Lane Photo / ChooMee Snackn Pouches

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