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We’re a new brand so we’re relatively new to Instagram @ChooMeeInc! Which means our followers are slim and photo gallery bleak (at least we’re honest).

What we love MOST about this platform is the opportunity to capture so many sweet Sip’n snapshots within one concise view. As all mamas know, there’s nothing cuter than photos of babies! … and kittens… and puppies…

ChooMee GIVEAWAY – We’re shipping FREE Sip’n pouch tops to the next 30 photos that capture kiddos snacking with their ChooMee Sip’n! It’s THAT simple! One requirement:

***Photos must be tagged @ChooMeeInc in order to qualify.***

If you’re a winner, we will comment on your photo within 24 hrs of your post with confirmation. At that time, please pm your mailing address or email it to sipn@choomee.com (and include your Instagram name).

Happy Sip’n!

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